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"God gives each of us special skills, talents, & passions. Our job is to find a way to use them—not just for our own enjoyment but to help serve others &, in doing so, serve God…Passions are for your benefit. A Calling turns those passions outward to benefit others." @KMMsports

"You are the first, last, & only you that has ever existed, & God gave you special gifts & talents for a reason…No one else on the planet can do what you were meant to do. It is up to you to take the necessary steps to become the very best version of yourself." @KMMsports

"Your calling has nothing to do with being as good as or better than anyone else. It is about finding and fulfilling the purpose you were meant to serve." @KMMsports on @MyFaithRadio #HighImpactLifeBook

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