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Pushover to Pioneer


One of my favorite stories from the Bible is the well-known story of David and Goliath.  But not for the reasons most people would think.  Yes, this inspiring story presents the classic underdog tale.  The small, young shepherd boy takes on the giant, a skilled, defiant warrior, and slays him.  But the part of the story I really want you take to heart is what happens just before the famous duel.

Prior to David arriving at the battlefield on that fateful day, he had simply been tending sheep.  While I have no experience in actually tending sheep, I can identify with the demands he faced in that tedious, thankless, all-consuming job.  Perhaps you can too.  He had no plans to continue tending sheep for the rest of his life (he had already been anointed or “chosen” by God to be a future king, according to the prophet, Samuel); yet he carried out his duties with excellence, day after day.  He knew his purpose in life was to be a king, yet he found himself still performing menial tasks, such as delivering food to his brothers.  In fact, he was still serving as a delivery boy when his opportunity finally came to step into his divine destiny.  He was prepared.  He was driven by his passion and his purpose.  He was ready for battle.

Before David would be allowed to face Goliath, he had to convince the king, King Saul, to let him fight.  King Saul questioned David’s ability, pointing out his lack of experience and training.  Saul finally agreed to allow David to fight, but wanted David to wear the King’s armor.  David tried it on, walking around in it, but it was heavy and cumbersome.  David decided he did not need the King’s armor to defeat Goliath.  Sure enough, he was right.  David used his own God-given abilities to win the day.  He fought in his OWN armor.

Whether you are in school or the business world, you may find yourself fighting for opportunities or trying to convince others you are worthy to take on giants.  You may compare yourself to others–their experience, their personalities, their skill sets–and feel inadequate.  Or, people may tell you that you need to do things THEIR way in order to be successful.  This has certainly happened to me.  Often I was told “You’re too nice.  You’re too good of a person.  You don’t belong in this business.”  When this happens to you, remember the story of David and Goliath.  YOU are enough!  Sure we can all learn, grow and improve.  And we should.  But you have your own set of skills, your own experiences and the personality YOU were meant to have.   You have everything you need to fight your battles and fulfill your destiny.  You don’t need anyone else’s armor – you were born to defeat Goliath!

Kelli Masters

Recognized as one of the most influential women in sports business, Kelli Masters often hears, "You have a DREAM JOB." But she chooses to inspire others not with her successes, but with her vulnerability, sharing not only the victories but also the battles and failures along the way. Kelli is an attorney, an NFL sports agent and Founder and President of KMM Sports, a full-service sports management company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and her hometown of Oklahoma City.

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